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For HP AC Adapter (DV8000) - N2302

For HP AC Adapter (DV5000), Input Voltage Range: AC 100V - 240V, Output Voltage: DC 18.5V - more info check here: https://www.sourcingelectricals.com/For-HP-AC-Adapter-DV8000-11105715/

Quick Brief

color: black Usage: Laptop Connection: Plug In Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: OEM Model Number: N2302 Output Type: AC

Product Features:

For HP AC Adapter (DV5000)

Input Voltage Range: AC 100V - 240V

Output Voltage: DC 18.5V

Business Terms:

Port: shenzhen

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces max1000

Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Day 30000/month

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,paypal

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For HP AC Adapter (DV8000)
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Paper packaging:15*15*10cm

Delivery Detail: 5-7days

Specifications and Product Details:

For HP AC Adapter (DV5000)

Output Voltage: DC 18.5V
Output Current: 4.9A
Power: 90 Watt
CompatibleP/N:HP/Compaq 393945-001, PPP009H, 239428-001, 324815-001, 239428-002,310744-002, 287515-001, 394224-001, PPP014S, PPP012H, PPP012L,PA-1900-05C1, 239705-001

Compatible with:
For HP Pavilion DV6000 Seires, DV8000, DV8005, DV8010, DV8013, DV8026EA,DV8040, For DV8080, DV8100, DV8110, DV8120, DV8130,DV8200, DV8210, DV8230,DV8230CA, DV8240, DV8240US, DV8290, DV8290EA, DV8310, DV8320, DV8370,DV8400, DV8408, DV9000, DV9000EA, DV9000T, DV9000Z, DV9010, DV9010CA,DV9010EA, DV9010TX, DV9010US, DV9020, DV9020TX, DV9020XX, DV9030,DV9040, DV9050, DV9050EA, DV9060EA, DV9060US, DV9070, DV9080, DV9085,DV9090, DV9095
310744-002, 239705-001 , 239428-001, 239705-001, 393955-001, 394224-001
For Compaq Business Notebook NC8000 Series,
For Compaq Business Notebook NC8100, Series,
For Compaq Business Notebook NC8200 Series (including NC8230 etc).
For hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8000 Series,
For hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8200 Series (NC8230, NX8220),
For hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8400 Series (NC8430, NX8420).
For PavilionDV8200 (EE840AV & EE840AVR models), DV8230ca, DV8233cl, DV8235nr,ForDV8275la, DV8280us, DV8293ea, DV8298xx, DV8299xx,
For Pavilion:DV8301tx, DV8308tx, DV8320ca, DV8320us, DV8327cl, DV8327us, DV8327ca,ForDV8327ea, DV8328ea, DV8328ca, DV8330us, DV8333cl, DV8339us, DV8356ea,ForDV8372ea, DV8373ea, DV8375la, DV8387ea, DV8380us, DV8395ea,
For Presario V2200 Series (V2205us, V2210us)
For Presario V2300 Series (V2310us),
For Presario V2400 Series (V2403us, V2405us, V2410us, V2414nr),
For Presario V2500 Series (V2505us, V2555us, V2570nr),
For Presario V3000 Series (V3018cl, V3019us, V3022au,),
For Presario V3100 Series (V3110us,),
For Presario V4000 Series (V4000, V4000z,).
For Presario V4100 Series (V4105us, V4115us,),
For Presario V4200 Series (V4240us),
For Armada E300, E500, E500S, E700.
For Armada M300, M500, M700,
For Armada Convenience Base for m300, m700, e500, e700, n400c, n410c, n600c
For Armada V300,
For Armada 100, 100s, 100, 110s.
For EVO n110, n150,
For EVO n400c, n410c.
For EVO n600c, n610c, n620c,
For EVO n800, n800c, n800v, n800w,
For EVO N1000, N8000,
Prosignia 165, 170, 190, & 800.
Pavilion DV8100, DV8110us, DV8113cl, DV8120ca, DV8125nr,
Pavilion DV8200 (EE885AV & EE885AVR models), DV8205tx, DV8210ca, DV8210us, DV8213cl, DV8225ca, DV8225nr, DV8240us

Note:We supply other popular brand Adapter for Toshiba, HP, DELL, ASUS, ACER, IBM, Apple, Gateway

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