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Buy Lead: Toshiba ER17500/3.6V lithium battery (See details)

pls advise price, lead time and freight cost , to Thailand, Bangkok zip code 10260

Toshiba, PLC Battery, ER17500 3.6V, qty 20 pcs >> More queries...

Posted By: Nattharin Theeravongvaragorn on October 13, 2020 22:33 From 101.109.119.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Primary & Dry Batteries

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Inquering Related Product: Toshiba ER17500/3.6V lithium battery - ER17500/3.6V

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: JapanBrand Name: ToshibaModel Number: ER17500/3.6V
Battery Type: LiMnO2Nominal Voltage: 3VSize: 17*53mm
Nominal Capacity: 2700mAhweight: 13gbattery brand: Toshiba battery
model: ER17500/3.6Vcerfitication: CE,ROHS 

Product Features:

Toshiba ER17500/3.6V lithium battery

1.original japan battery

2.high quality at best price

3.Toshiba ER17330/3.6V

Product Cateogry: Primary & Dry Batteries

Business Term:

Port: Shenzhen/HK

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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Toshiba ER17500/3.6V lithium battery

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:Industrial package
Delivery Detail:3-5 working days

Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

Toshiba ER17500/3.6V PLC battery

Product Model: Toshiba ER17500/3.6V

Product Name: Toshiba ER17500/3.6V 3V LITHIUM PLC Battery

Product Type: LITHIUM Battery

Battery Rechargeable: No

Battery Chemistry: Lithium

Toshiba ER17500/3.6V PLC batteryother items:

BR-2/3AH 1350mAh 2.5mA 17X33.5mm 13.5g

BR-2/3A 1200mAh 2.5mA 17X33.5mm 13.5g

BR-2/3AG 1450mAh 2.5mA 17X33.5mm 13.5g

BR-2/3AGCT4A 2400mAh 2.5mA 34X34X33.5mm 55g

BR-A 1800mAh 2.5mA 17X45.5mm 18g

BR-AH 2000mAh 2.5mA 17X45.5mm 18g

BR-AG 2200mAh 2.5mA 17X45.5mm 18g

BR-C 5000mAh 5mA 26X50.5mm 42g

BR-AGCF2W 1800mAh 2.5mA 34X17X45.5mm 36g

BR-CC2TH 5000mAh 5mA 52X26X50.5mm 88g (6V)


ER3V/3.6V /14.5x30.5mm/ 1000mAh /8.5g

ER4V/3.6V /14.5x35.5mm/ 1200mAh /10g

ER6V/3.6V 14.5x53mm / 2000mAh /16g

ER17330V/3.6V /17.0x35mm / 1700mAh /13g

ER17500V/3.6V /17.0x53mm /2700mAh /19g


CR-1/3N 160mAh 11.6 x 10.8mm

CR17335 1400mAh 17.0 x 33.8mm

CR17335E-R 1500mAh 17.0 x 33.5mm

CR17450E-R 2200mAh 17.0 x 45.0mm

CR14250SE 850mAh 14.5 x25.0mm

CR14250SE-R 850mAh 14.5 x25.0mm

CR12600SE 1500mAh 12.0 x60.0mm

CR17335SE 1800mAh 17.5 x33.5mm

CR17335SE-R 1800mAh 17.5 x33.5mm

CR17450SE 2500mAh 17.0 x 45.0mm

CR17450SE-R 2500mAh 17.0 x 45.0mm


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