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Posted By: William Pereira on November 17, 2021 00:12 From 67.69.69.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Other Electrical Equipment

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Inquering Related Product: TP Brick Saw MB14E - MB14E

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: TPModel Number: MB14E
Power Source: ElectricitySaw Type: Circular SawRated Input Power: 2.4(3.2) kw(hp)
Blade Diameter: 35(14) cmMax. Cutting Width: 42(16.5) cm(in)Max. Cutting Depth: 12.5(5.0) cm(in)
Dimensions: 96*45*73(38*18*29) cm(in)Application: Pavers,bricks and tiles 

Product Features:

TP Brick Saw MB14E

1.Head to be positioned at any cutting depth

2.Dual belt drive for power trans

3.Wheeled for easy moving

Product Cateogry: Other Electrical Equipment

Business Term:

Port: Shanghai/ Ningbo

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Set/Sets

Supply Ability: 10000000 Set/Sets per Month

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

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TP Brick Saw MB14E

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:Standard exporting package
Delivery Detail:Usually one month, for larger order, depend on quantity

Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

TP Brick Saw MB14E

diamond saw blade for cutting brick paver

diamond concrete saw blades

brick saw


MB14 is an ideal, long-term, portable brick saw for pavers, bricks and tiles, with a fold-away stand suitable for all site work. Powered by electric motor and petrol engine, suitable for medium to heavy work load.

1.Cutting head supported by bearings allows the head to be positioned at any cutting depth.

2.Water hose connection is available as standard parts.

3.Throttle control is available at easy-to-reach location.

4.Handle grips offer comfortable operation.

5.Dual belt drive ensures reliable power transmission.

6.Wheeled for easy move to different working site.

Diamond Saw Blade

What is diamond blade

A diamond blade is composed of two fundamental elements: a steel plate and the diamond-impregnated segments. The steel plate is of very high quality, treated, hardened steel. Slots separate the segments which contribute to the cooling of the blade during sawing by allowing the water(wet cutting) or the air(dry cutting) to flow between the segments. The segments contain a mixture of diamonds and mental powder. During the manufacturing process, the metal powder and diamond mixture is compressed at a very high temperature in order to obtain a solid metal alloy which holds the diamond.

Wet or dry cutting

Choosing wet or dry may be a matter of user preference or job requirement. When using a power hand tool such as a power hand saw, it is not safe to use water without an appointed safety rated accessory system, because of the electrical power source. For concrete saws though, wet cutting is usually preferred because you can cut deeper when using water as a coolant. For tile and masonry saws, either wet or dry cutting blades can be used. For high speed cut-off saws, blades are used wet to control dust. Wet blades must be used with water most often. All Tekpac blades are laser welded and may be used either dry or wet.

Segment Height

Diamond blade segment height by itself is not a true measure of a blade’s value, but it’s really so significance to the quality of blade.


Hard non-abrasive material such as concrete, very hard concrete, class A engineering bricks, 65-100 Newton clay paviours, hard flint aggregate concrete. Reinforced concrete lintels, kerbs and hard paving slabs. Hard clay roof tiles, hard slate.

General Purpose

For extensive of wide range of products such as medium aggregate concrete, general masonry products, stock paving bricks, most roofing tiles and hard sandstones.


Abrasive material such as asphalt, some asphalt over concrete, lime sandstone, abrasive blocks, green concrete and other highly abrasive applications.


Brick Saw MB14
ModerMotorPower kw(hp)Blade Diameter cmMax.Cutting Depth cm(in)Max Length of Cut cm(in)Dimension cm(in)
MB14EElectric Motor2.4(3.2)35(14)12.5(5.0)42(16.5)96*45*73(38*18*29)
MB14P-2Chinese Petrol Engine4.0(5.5)35(14)12.5(5.0)42(16.5)96*45*73(38*18*29)
MB14P-3Petrol,Robin EX174.2(5.7)35(14)12.5(5.0)42(16.5)96*45*73(38*18*29)
MB14P-4Petrol,Honda GX1604.0(5.5)35(14)12.5(5.0)42(16.5)96*45*73(38*18*29)

SIZEPart No.Segment DimensionSegment Number
300MM 12″12CP40×3.0×1020
350MM 14″14CP40×3.2×1024
400MM 16″16CP40×3.4×1028
450MM 18″18CP40×3.6×1032
500MM 20″20CP40×3.6×1036
SIZEPart No.Segment DimensionSegment Number
300MM 12″12GP40×3.0×1020
350MM 14″14GP40×3.2×1024
400MM 16″16GP40×3.4×1028
450MM 18″18GP40×3.6×1032
500MM 20″20GP40×3.6×1036
SIZEPart No.Segment DimensionSegment Number
300MM 12″12AP40×3.0×1020
350MM 14″14AP40×3.2×1024
400MM 16″16AP40×3.4×1028
450MM 18″18AP40×3.6×1032
500MM 20″20AP40×3.6×1036

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