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Buy Lead: PE insulation computer&Instrumental signal cable (See details)


I ask you citation for cable EAPSP:

EAPSP-R n x 4 x 0.9 mm :

1 x Qty = 24 500 mètres
3 x Qty = 24 600 mètres
5 x Qty = 14 850 mètres
7 x Qty = 17 800 mètres
10 x Qty = 25 600 mètres

CDTE = 30270 mètres

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Posted By: hour maintenace on September 06, 2016 56:48 From 41.251.124.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Instrumentation Cables

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Inquering Related Product: PE insulation computer&Instrumental signal cable - DJYVP

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: RIFENGModel Number: DJYVP
Shielding: BraidConductor Material: CopperJacket: PVC
Insulation Material: PEConductor: copperinsulation: PE or XLPE
shield: copper wire braid or Cu-plastic composi...outer sheath: double -deck steel tape armored p...outer sheath layer: steel wire armored pvc shea...
Number of conductor: single or multiple conduct...temperature: 105 deegree 

Product Features:

Computer&instrumental cable

PE insulation computer&instrumental signal cable

PVC sheath,copper wire braided

Product Cateogry: Instrumentation Cables

Business Term:


Minimum Order Quantity: 3000 Meter/Meters

Supply Ability: 500 Kilometer/Kilometers per Week

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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PE insulation computer&Instrumental signal cable

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:500 meter/drum or 1000 meter/drum
Delivery Detail:15 working days

Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

Computer&instrumental cable
PE insulation computer&instrumental signal cable
PVC sheath,copper wire braided

Extension and compensating wire and cable used in thermocouple

1 Application
Within certain range of temperature, the nominal value of thermal electro-motive force of extension and compensating wire and cable the same that the cooperating thermocouple. It connect the thermocouple to measuring instrument, the producing error from temperature change on their connecte can be compensated. Thus they may constitute general class or precision class systems of temprature measured and controlled.
2 Executive standards as follow
O/RFDL 15--2007 Equivalent adopt GB/T 4989—94 and IEC 584-3 (1989)
3 Graduated No. and name of thermocouple, type and name of extension and compensating wire,
name of anode and cathode of alloy wire.

Graduated No.of thermocoupleName of thermocoupleType of wirName of wireName of alloy wire
SPt,Rh10-PtSCCu -Cu,Ni0.6CuCu,Ni0.6
RPt,Rh13-PtRCCu -Cu,Ni0.6CuCu,Ni0.6
KNi,Cr-Ni,SiKCAFe- Cu,Ni22FeCu,Ni22
KCBCu -Cu,Ni40CuCu,Ni40
NNi,Cr,Si-Ni,SiNCFe- Cu,Ni18FeCu,Ni18
JFe- Cu,NiJXFe- Cu,Ni45FeCu,Ni45
TCu -Cu,NiTXCu -Cu,Ni45CuCu,Ni45
Note:C-- compensating wire:X-- Extension wire.

4 Operation characteristic
4.1.The used environmental temperature of insulation and sheath material, lowest laying temperature and permitted minimum bending radius for wires and cables.

Insulation and
sheath material
Used environment
temperature °C
the lowest
laying temperature °C
permitted minimum
bending radius,mm
70°CPVC,FR-PVC-30~+700Non-armor and non-copper tape shield: 6 times of cable
O.DArmor and copper tape shield:12 times of cable O.D
70°C PE or HFLS-FR-PO-40~+70-25
105°C XLPE or HFLS-FR-XLPO-30~+105-15

4.2.Heat-resistant class (the use of class), allowance error class and working temperature for extension and compensating wires and cables.

graduated No.of thermocou-pleType of wireHeat-resistant class and allowance error class
General useHeat-resistant use
General classPrecision classGeneral classPrecision class
CodeWorking temperat-ure°CCodeWorking temperat-ure°CCodeWorking temperat- ure°CCodeWorkingtemperat-ure°C
S or RSC pr RCG G(100)0~70 0~100GS GS(100)0~70 0~100H0~200--
KKCAG G(100)0~70 0~100GS GS(100)0~70 0~100H0~200HS0~200
KCBG G(100)0~70 0~100GS GS(100)0~70 0~100----
KXG G(100)-20~70 -20~100GS GS(100)-20~70 -20~100H-25~200HS-25~200
NNCG G(100)0~70 0~100GS GS(100)0~70 0~100H0~200HS0~200
NXG G(100)-20~70 -20~100GS GS(100)-20~70 -20~100H-25~200HS-25~200
EEXG G(100)-20~70 -20~100GS GS(100)-20~70 -20~100H-25~200HS-25~200
JJXG G(100)-20~70 -20~100GS GS(100)-20~70 -20~100H-25~200HS-25~200
TTXG G(100)-20~70 -20~100GS GS(100)-20~70 -20~100H-25~200HS-25~200

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