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Buy Lead: 50KW high frequency induction heating furnace (See details)

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Posted By: Cecilia Avecilla on May 09, 2022 12:38 From 170.239.149.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Electronic & Instrument Enclosures

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Inquering Related Product: 50KW high frequency induction heating furnace - WH-VI-50

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name: yutong heatingModel Number: WH-VI-50
current: 90A  

Product Features:

Henan zhongxing igbt high frequency induction heating machine,details please check here to consults.

Product Cateogry: Electronic & Instrument Enclosures

Business Term:

Port: QingDao

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets

Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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50KW high frequency induction heating furnace

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:standard wooden case
Delivery Detail:one week after payment

Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

50KW High Frequency induction heating equipment,high induction heating furnace,high induction heating machine,high induction heating.


Forging equipment: Forging dies, open die forging equipment: extrusion, rotational moulding, cut off, bending torsion shaping equipment: machinery press, automatic forging press, hydraulic press, shaping equipment, forging hammer, forging machine, cut machine, bend correction machine, riveting machine, forging use industrial furnace and energy conservation technology, forging mold and repair technology equipment, forging automatic control equipment.

Super-audio standard parts hot forging especially apply to:

1.Hot through forging field, standard parts hot forging.

2.High strength screw bolts, screw nut hot forging. U style screw bolts hot bending hot forging, Etc.

3.Automobile motorcycle component and parts hot through forging and all kinds normal components and parts. Need hot through forging

4.Automobile flat leaf spring heating

hardening the guide rail of machine tool should meet with below request:

1. 1.the HRC must equalization, same, and the hardening depth should moderate.

2. HRC should meet with request, guide way hardening can’t deformation.

3. heating speed should faster.

4. the hardening coils request perfect in workmanship, if the guide rail over wide, the coils should make single side hardening. If guide way over narrow, should two sided one time hardening.

5. hardening equipment should request energy-efficient.

zhongxing the features of shaft hardening equipment.

1. meet with request of hardening all kinds of gear wheel and shafts, technical maturity, quality assurance, use electrical safety and stabilize. Please feel easy to use.

2. induction coils adopt forming coils, scanning hardening and water spray at same time.

3. can meet with request of hardening surface of shaft within diameter 150mm.

4. can meet with request of hardening the tope of gear wheel within diameter 250.

Welding equipment:

About frequency 15KHZ,can heating diameter 80 workpieces, can welding kinds of hard metal cutters

1.standard parts, fastener parts heating.

2. drill steel, drill tool are tempering, forging, extrusion Etc, eating.

3. diamond saw blades, rill tool’s welding

4. drill bit, coal drill bit, pick bit’s welding

5. braze lathe tool, milling cutter and all kinds of wooden cutters, braze high speed steel saw blades.

Hardening equipment:

frequency about 40KHZ,smaller can hardening high precision small shaft within diameter 10, hardening depth can keep within 1mm, bigger can hardening big shaft which diameter within 250, also can hardening

Gear wheel diameter within about 500 and 800.

1. hardening parts of automobile, motorbike, mold, agricultural machinery.

2. hardening machinery parts, such as: all kinds of gear wheel, chain wheel, kinds of axis, pin.

3. hardening the industrial of machine tool, such as : bed guide way of machine tool.

4. heat treatment pliers, spanner, screwdriver, drill, axe

5. hardening pin, piston ring, spring pin, valve, shifting fork.

6. all kinds of track spiker.

Annealing equipment:

1. Annealing whole or partial all kinds of machinery parts.

2. tension and annealing stainless steel container which within diameter 300mm.

3. heating and bending the plate spring of automobile.

4. hot riveting impeller, heating and hot rolling steel tube, hot rolling twist drill.

high frequency machine application classify:

1. High frequency braze machine application: braze all kinds of diamond compact bit, carbide tip, saw blades: braze all kinds of pick bit, drill bit, drill rod, coal drill bit, wind drill bit and accessories of mine.
2. High frequency hardening application: hardening all kinds of gear wheel, chain wheel, axis: hardening the bed guide ways of machine tool: hardening all kinds of hardware.
3. High frequency through heat application: hot heading all kinds of High strength bolts, screw: hot rolling twist drill: through heat and forging all kinds of parts which with in diameter 80mm .

Model: WH-VI-50
Output power: 50KW
Input voltage: three phase 380V 50-60HZ
Oscillation frequency :15-35KHz
Size: 550 × 650 × 1260mm

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