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5W 12V Yacht flexible amorphous silicon solar module - LQF-5

5W 12V Yacht flexible amorphous silicon solar module, No glass., light weight,flexible., With grommets/eyelets., Waterproof. - more info check here: http://www.sourcingelectricals.com/5W-12V-Yacht-flexible-amorphous-silicon-solar-module-30093028/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Brand Name: LQTRADE Model Number: LQF-5 Material: Amorphous Silicon Size: 542*248*15mm Max. Power: 5W

Product Features:

5W 12V Yacht flexible amorphous silicon solar module

No glass.

light weight,flexible.

With grommets/eyelets.


Business Terms:


Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 15000000 Watt/Watts per Year

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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5W 12V Yacht flexible amorphous silicon solar module
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Carton.

Delivery Detail: 5~20DAYS depends on quantity of order.

Specifications and Product Details:

5W 12V Yacht flexible amorphous silicon solar module

1. Application.

Yacht flexible amorphous silicon solar module can convert sunlight directly into DC voltage, charging for 12V storage battery.

Under full sunshine, after storage battery is fully charged by solar panel, it can meet the electric demands of lighting, radio, sound, water pump, motors of the yacht, the use of multiple pieces of solar modules can power the refrigerator.

The yacht flexible solar system can increase the “quiet ” period of yacht to maximum, it is one of the best independent power supply for vacation.

2. Product Performance

Specifications (Standard test conditions:AM1.5,1000W/2, 25 celsius degree)

Model NumberLQF-5LQF-10LQF-32
Maximum Output Power(W)51032
Optimum Operating Voltage(V)16.516.516.5
Optimum Operating Current(A)0.300.601.94
Open Circuit Voltage(V)23.823.823.8
Short-Circuit Current(A)0.370.742.40
Panel Size(mm)542*248*15538*426*151416*426*15
Working environment temperature

-40 ~ + 80 Celsius Degree

3. Frequently Asked Questions

1.Not charge?

1.1 solar components and may not be connected between the battery:

1.2 The problem of solar modules:

In light cases, the test battery between the positive and negative components of the open circuit voltage should be 19V or so, in the absence of test equipment, you can not confirm the existence of the problem component. If you believe solar component problems, please contact the vendor.

2.When to use the charge controller?

Charge controller function is to prevent the battery from overcharging. Typically, the largest component in the solar charging current (in A) less than the battery capacity (in Ah) 1.5%, you do not charge controller.

When the component exceeds the maximum battery charge current capacity of 1.5%, the recommended charge controller, overcharge or over discharge will affect battery life, battery charge control producers refer to the instructions.

Charge controller and batteries should be installed as close as possible in the position, between the controller and battery plus an insurance, when installed in the controller under the guidance of the manufacturer.

3.Solar modules can directly use it?

Yes, it can be directly connected with the DC load, such as pumps, fans. When the radio is needed to power less than or equal to the issue of power when the solar module can be used as the radio power. To ensure the radio, television and other electrical work stability, you should install the batteries.

4.The surface of the plastic is able to withstand the test of the environment?

The company's solar modules surface material is DuPont's Tefzel, Tefzel is a bonding material, it has good light transmission rate, weather resistance and water resistance.

5.Solar module performance with temperature

Solar module output power with increasing temperature there will be some decline during the system design, in order to improve reliability, the component of the annual power generation capacity should be higher than the maximum load power consumption of 10%, or from the manufacturer Dealer for more information.

6.The life of solar modules

Solar components are shock and scratch, this flexible design for the ship's deck and entertainment vehicle roof. If the components are punctured and immediately fixed by potting.

7.Power output of solar modules

In general, solar modules can generate per square foot 6W to 7W of power. In summer, the average per square foot per day to produce 30Wh to 35Wh of energy. In winter, the illumination time is short, the battery components at higher latitudes, lower power output equivalent to 1 / 4, close to the equator (southern) region is relatively weak due to seasonal effects. System design, no matter what the design load, should take into account the local illumination.

8. the advantages of flexible solar modules

Can be installed in the cabin top, deck, car roof, or fixed to the sails, canvas awning on. In the transport and storage, can not be folded or crushed.

9. We need to install blocking diode it?

Solar modules have been installed in the terminal box of the isolation diode to prevent the case in the absence of light, the current flows from the battery into the component.

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